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Climate Emergency Rally in NYC

Maggio 29, 2019

29.05.2019 – Pressenza New York

Climate Emergency Rally in NYC
(Image by Gustavo Espinoza)

Students gather Friday in Columbus Circle in New York for a student-led protest, part of many school climate strikes around the world, against a lack of action on climate issues and to raise awareness about climate change.

Photos by Gustavo Espinoza

Meeting Minutes

Maggio 28, 2019

Vogliate scusare qualche inconveniente ma solo venerdì termino un Corso professionale.


* Ascensione del Baha’llhah (baha’i)

* 1917 nasce a Brookline John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35° presidente degli USA

” Colui che disprezza un uomo non ne potrà trarre nulla”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

U.S. Army: 0 — Internet: 1

Maggio 28, 2019

28.05.2019 – US, United States – David Swanson

U.S. Army: 0 — Internet: 1
Annual Veterans For Peace Chapter 34 Memorial Day Observance in Battery Park, in front of the East Coast Memorial on the waterfront, near the Statue of Liberty Ferry. (Image by David Andersson)

By David Swanson

The U.S. Army tweeted a harmless rah-rah tweet and got hit with a burst of reality never encountered on corporate-controlled media. Score one for the internet.

The Army asked: “How has serving impacted you?”

Here’s a tiny sample of the responses:

 5 hours ago
Replying to 
I lost my virginity by being raped in front of my peers at 19. Got married to a nice guy who was part of my unit. He was in the invasion of Iraq. Came home a changed man who beat the shit out of me. He’s convinced y’all are stalking him and he’s homeless so great job there!

 58 minutes ago
Replying to 
My sweet friend David can’t answer you. He committed suicide a few years ago after a couple tours of Afghanistan. 

 5 hours ago
Replying to 
The strain of my deployment was too much for my wife to bear. She committed suicide in our home when I had just one month left. When my mental state deteriorated, I was sent to counseling so my COC could check off a box and say “they did everything they could”. (1/2) 
I turned to alcohol and other vices. I begged to be sent to any other unit in a different state, just needing a change of scenery. Instead, I was demoted and discharged. Dumped like a bag of trash when I had at one time shown great promise as a leader and soldier.(2/2)

 5 hours ago
Replying to 
My wife walked in the garage and found me hanging from an extension cord. What’s worse she had to lift me up, cut the cord and resuscitate me all while screaming for help. My black ass is 6ft 245 pounds and she is 5’2 130 pounds. But hey at least I got to shoot some cool shit.

 5 hours ago
Replying to 
a friend’s father, 20 years after Vietnam, was still managing massive ptsd, and would have nightmares so big that he’d wake us up convinced we were under attack. he called us by names of his former unit soldiers and would cry when we told him about it.

 4 hours ago
Replying to 
My grandfather served in Vietnam. When I was 6, he shot himself in the head because of his depression and PTSD. I never got to learn who he was because of you.

 1 hour ago
My mom served at ft. McClellan and is still suffering from being poisoned to this day.

 4 hours ago
Replying to 
I am a Navy vet, I was a happy person before I served, now I am broke apart, cant even work a full 30 days due to anxiety and depression, i have Fibromyalgia and nobody understands because I am a guy. I am in constant pain everyday. And I think about killing myself daily……..

 12 hours ago
Replying to 
My grandparents were used as pawns serving the US army in aiding them on the Ho Chi Minh trail. They served in The Secret War, and when the US lost the Vietnam war the Hmong were left to die in genocide. To this day Hmong veterans are not recognized by the US army.
More than half of my people were wiped out through genocide. Only about a third of what once was the Hmong population are scattered in diaspora around the world. Many in the US who deal with PTSD through alcoholism, abuse, and addiction to opium.
And the children are left to pick up the pieces and navigate a delicate past, present, and future for the years to come while inheriting intergenerational trauma.

 4 hours ago
Replying to 
My step-dad served as a sniper and still has ptsd from it. From a young age I learned not to touch him if he’s sleeping because he might lash out and hit me. When we go to restaurants we have to sit so that he can see the door, He still won’t talk about it

 3 hours ago
Replying to 
I have a friend whose father was a military doctor in Iraq .He has since retired to the UK now on antidepressants n screams at night, says he sees mutilated bodies of Iraqi children in his nightmares. Despite being a Moslem he drinks a bottle a night to keep the demons at bay.

 5 hours ago
Replying to 
My dad has PTSD and is now suffering through chemo cuz of the shit he was exposed to in the gulf war. The VA is making it impossible for him to get benefits even though 1/3 of the vets from that war have weird health issues; too many for it to be a coincidence.

 1 hour ago
Replying to 
My brother came back from Iraq a broken alcoholic who has disowned us as a family and has retroactively blamed my poor mother for the horrible things that have happened to him. Every Mother’s day all she wishes for is for him to reach out again. Haven’t heard from him in years.

 1 hour ago
Replying to 
i watched my coworker work a 12 hour shift through panic attacks due to ptsd on the fourth of july (fireworks) bc he couldn’t afford to give his shift up due to the VA cutting his benefits and not helping to pay for his insulin (have you seen insulin prices lately?)

 1 hour ago
Replying to 
My son has horrible night terrors now. He woke up choking his wife because he thought she was attacking him. They divorced shortly after that. He has a TBI. He has compression fractures in his back that are due to having the wrong body armor for the conditions. The VA is a joke

My husband, at 24, now has permanent brain damage and had to be medically separated because a US Army doctor refused to give him an EEG after his incident. Even though we begged for it.

 16 minutes ago
Replying to 
My next door neighbor enlisted in the Marines after high school and served in Iraq. He insisted he had been exposed to chemicals that resulted in permanent disability yet couldn’t get any treatment from the VA, PTSD, addiction and alcoholism. He died from alcohol last year at 43

There are thousands more just like these. I tweeted:

 10 hours ago
Replying to 
When this is what the people you claim all the wars are to “support” have to say, I’m betting you’re not going to start a thread for people from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Libya to explain to you how grateful they are for being bombed.

Perhaps this information from will be appropriate:

Here’s a one-minute self-assessment on your suitability for a military career:

Would you enjoy risking your life for what U.S. military commanders often describe as counter-productive missions or pointless “muddling along“?

Do you appreciate being yelled at and senselessly abused?

While your friends might be getting regular jobs and enjoying the good life, maybe getting married and having kiddies, you’ll be living in a barracks with sergeants yelling at you, busting your gut in strenuous training. Sound good?

How do you feel about dramatically increased risk of sexual assault?

How do you feel about dramatically increased risk of suicide?

Soldiers must expect to carry 120 pounds for long distances and up hills, so back injuries are plentiful, along with the life-limiting dangers of combat training, inlcuding from the testing of weaponry and chemicals. Sound appealing?

Does the idea of physical injury or death in some country far away where the citizens who are unhappy with your presence shoot at you or blow off your legs with a roadside bomb encourage you to enlist?

Do you long for traumatic brain injury or PTSD or moral guilt, or all three?

Expect to see the world? You’re more likely to see a tent on the dirt in some place too dangerous to explore because the people do not want you there.

How will you feel if you start out believing you’re serving some noble cause and realize half-way through that you’re just making a few greedy people rich?

We hope that this short self-assessment has been helpful to you in making an important life choice.

Think about Section 9-b of the Enlistment/Reenlistment Contractbefore you sign it:
“Laws and regulations that govern military personnel may change without notice to me. Such changes may affect my status, pay, allowances, benefits, and responsibilities as a member of the Armed Forces REGARDLESS of the provisions of this enlistment/reenlistment document.”

In other words, it’s a one-way contract. They can change it. You cannot.

Meeting Minutes

Maggio 27, 2019
Meeting Minutes del 28-5-2019
Basta un istante per fare un eroe, ma è necessaria una vita intera per fare un uomo onesto.
Paul Brulat
* 1926 Colpo di Stato in Portogallo: prende il potere Salazar
* 1912 nasce a Londra Patrick Victor Martindale White, scrittore australiano (Nobel 1973)
“Nella comunità cristiana i pensieri vanno come il resto della vita cristiana: chi pensa al più piccolo riceve anche il più grande”.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

‘A Green Wave Has Swept the European Parliament’

Maggio 27, 2019

27.05.2019 – Pressenza London

‘A Green Wave Has Swept the European Parliament’
(Image by European Greens Twitter)

In Show of Demand for Climate Action, Green Parties Surge in EU Elections

A substantial share of the world has finally decided climate action is necessary now.”

Underscoring the growing demand for bold climate action that has found expression in global youth-led strikes, marches, and civil disobedience over the past year, Green parties across Europe had their strongest-everEU parliamentary election performance after running on a platform of transformative environmental change.

“It’s time the European Union puts all its efforts into a sustainable future and starts caring for its citizens.”
—Bas Eickhout, European Greens

“The Green Wave has swept across Europe. We want to thank everyone who has voted for change and climate action,” Ska Keller, a German MEP and one of the Greens’ leading candidates for European Commission president, said in a statement Sunday following four days of continent-wide voting.

“This trust given to us by voters is both a task and a responsibility to put green polices into action,” said Keller.

As The Guardian reported, the “Greens’ surge was strongest in Germany, where Die Grünen finished second behind Angela Merkel’s center-right CDU with almost 21 percent of the vote, according to provisional estimates—nearly double their 2014 total.”

Greens also had strong showings in Finland, France, and Ireland on the back of higher-than-usual voter turnout.

“Finland’s Greens… came second with 16 percent of the vote, while in a major upset, Europe Écologie-Les Verts, led by a former senior Greenpeace figure, came third in France with 13.3 percent, up from 8.9 percent,” according to The Guardian. “Against all expectations, a Portuguese Green Party won its first European parliamentary seat.”

Projections Sunday indicated that, overall, Greens secured 71 seats in the European Parliament—up from 52 seats five years ago. According to exit polling, the Greens’ surge was bolstered by strong support from young voters.

Bas Eickhout, vice president of the European Greens, said the election outcome gives the party a “mandate and duty to drive change in Europe.”

“Any new Commission should take this into account, as our program of climate protection, social justice, and defense of rule of law and democracy gave the Greens this important win,” Eickhout said in a statement. “It’s time the European Union puts all its efforts into a sustainable future and starts caring for its citizens.”

With much of the media’s attention centered on electoral gains by far-right parties amid Brexit chaos, observers argued that gains by the Greens—particularly as the climate science becomes more grim by the day—should be the focus of headlines across the globe.

“The best news of the night is Green parties winning more seats than ever in EU elections,” tweeted environmentalist Madalina Preda. “The people know we need climate action now.”

Bill McKibben, author and founder of, said the European election results make Green parties important leaders in the global fight for a livable future.

“A substantial share of the world has finally decided climate action is necessary now,” McKibben tweeted.

Meeting Minutes

Maggio 27, 2019

Meeting Minutes del 27 maggio 2019: buona settimana a tutt*

As near
As a prayer
God’s love
Is always there
David Herr

L’arte dello scrivere consiste nel riuscire a esprimere compiutamente quello che siamo e che pensiamo, non nel mascherarci migliore di noi stessi

Don Lorenzo Milani

* 1923 A Firenze nasce Don Milani , indimenticabile educatore e cristiano

* 1993 Attentato mafioso a Firenze

* Memoria  di Giovanni Calvino, riformatore e testimone (protestanti)

* 1867 nasce a Hanley (SStraffordshire)  Enoch  Arnold Bennet, narratore inglese

* L’unità della Chiesa non consisterà in organizzazioni, dogmi, liturgie e cuori devoti, bensì nella Parola di Dio, nella voce di Gesù Cristo.

Doetrich Bonhoeffer

Il primo ministro britannico se ne va, ma ha fatto il lavoro che le era stato assegnato

Maggio 27, 2019

26.05.2019 – Londra – Silvia Swinden

Quest’articolo è disponibile anche in: IngleseSpagnolo

Il primo ministro britannico se ne va, ma ha fatto il lavoro che le era stato assegnato
Ottobre 2017, proteste a Manchester in vista del congresso dei conservatori (Foto di Ilovetheeu – CC BY-SA-SA 4.0, Wikipedia)

Le lacrimose dimissioni di Theresa May hanno suscitato una serie di reazioni contrastanti.

C’è la fazione della “povera May”, secondo cui le è stato richiesto un lavoro impossibile: realizzare la Brexit in un paese diviso come i partiti politici, con una certa ammirazione per la sua resistenza (dove altri hanno visto testardaggine) e il tentativo di trovare qualcosa di positivo da dire sul “peggior Primo Ministro” di sempre.

Poi abbiamo il pezzo più illuminato di Owen Jones sul Guardian, in cui ci ricorda che come Ministro degli Interni Theresa May ha alimentando l’odio verso gli immigranti inviando furgoni con la scritta “Torna a casa” nelle comunità miste e diffuso miti perniciosi secondo cui non si riusciva a deportare immigrati clandestini perché possedevano un gattino. Durante il suo mandato i rifugiati gay si sentivano obbligati a filmare se stessi mentre facevano sesso per evitare la deportazione. “Questo, insieme all’austerità per i meno abbienti e a una maggiore ricchezza per i ricchi, ha creato l’atmosfera per il voto sulla Brexit….. “Nessun accordo è meglio di un cattivo accordo“, è diventato il suo mantra, portando le aspettative a livelli impossibili, rendendo rispettabile e perfino auspicabile un risultato disastroso.” Poi ha promosso ad addetto stampa il giornalista che aveva definito “nemici del popolo” i giudici convinti che il Parlamento debba avere l’ultima parola sulla Brexit.

Ma non c’è solo la Brexit, perché dobbiamo giudicare un primo ministro in base alle sue stesse promesse. Entrando in carica Theresa May dichiarò guerra alle “ingiustizie brucianti” che aveva correttamente identificato e che avevano spianato la strada verso la Brexit. E poi, nei tre anni successivi, ha consentito il maggiore aumento di povertà infantile degli ultimi tre decenni; una crisi degli alloggi in continuo peggioramento; lo sviluppo di un sistema di credito universale disastroso e distruttivo. L’incendio della Grenfell Tower ricorderà per sempre un ordine sociale costruito dai conservatori che privilegia il denaro rispetto alla vita umana. Lo  scandalo Windrush, in cui cittadini britannici si sono visti negare le cure mediche, sono stati cacciati di casa e perfino espulsi dal loro paese, rimarrà una lezione salutare sugli effetti della politica migratoria della May. L’ondata di crimini violenti testimonierà sempre le disastrose conseguenze dell’austerità da lei sostenuta.

Il lavoro di cui pochi sono a conoscenza

Nonostante la sua incapacità di “realizzare la Brexit”, Theresa May ha comunque conseguito con successo la parte che forse era l’unica abilitata a fare, essendo sposata con Phillip, il suo “consigliere più fidato” e dirigente di una banca d’investimento legato agli Stati Uniti, al Regno Unito e a vari gruppi finanziari. La City di Londra, l’isola finanziaria quasi indipendente accanto alla Cattedrale di St Paul, in pratica un paradiso fiscale, è riuscita a concludere un accordo con l’Europa al di fuori di qualsiasi altro accordo Brexit per garantire la continuità del suo ruolo nel settore finanziario europeo. Pressenza ha pubblicato un articolo basato sul pezzo di Simon Jenkins per il Guardian, sperando che altri potessero cogliere l’enormità di questo accordo fatto a porte chiuse, ma la maggior parte dei media lo ha ignorato.

Per dare continuità a questo processo, il Partito Conservatore è intenzionato a scegliere come prossimo Primo Ministro un duro favorevole alla Brexit come Boris Johnson (il nostro Trump!) che molto probabilmente sta lavorando per arrivare a un “No Deal” e realizzare il suo piano di unire il commercio statunitense con le privatizzazioni e la spinta alla deregulation. Pollo al cloro, ormoni e carni ripiene di antibiotici (se gli animali vengono ingrassati in questo modo, potrebbe essere questa la radice dell’obesità degli americani?) e prezzi dei farmaci molto più alti sarebbero solo l’inizio.

Il Partito Laburista chiede le elezioni politiche, ma per il momento i numeri non sono sufficienti e il fattore “paura di Corbyn” diffuso dai media permetterà ancora una volta a un gruppo ristretto di persone di decidere il destino politico di 70 milioni di cittadini.

La “povera” Theresa May lascerà la sua carica per condurre una vita agiata, mentre gli autentici poveri britannici dovranno continuare a lottare in un sistema crudele mascherato da “democrazia”.

Traduzione dall’inglese di Anna Polo

An oasis of progressive thinking in the midst of the Syrian war

Maggio 27, 2019

27.05.2019 – London UK – Silvia Swinden

An oasis of progressive thinking in the midst of the Syrian war
The Regions of North and East Syria since September 2018. (Image by Editor abcdef • CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia)

Have you ever heard of Rojava, the semiautonomous Kurdish region in North West Syria? Probably not, or you may have seen a recent article/letter in The Guardian from relatives of British people who went to join the US-backed Kurdish effort to fight ISIL (several died) and now are treated like terrorists by the British Home Secretary, threatening long jail sentences when they come back.

Rojava (aka the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria) is, however, extremely interesting as one of the most creative experiments in direct Democracy, federalism, co-operative economy, gender equality, LGBT and multiethnic rights (although Kurdish dominated there are also Arabs, Assyrians and other smaller ethnic groups – Muslims, Jews and Christians) taking place in the world, all in the midst of the Syrian war and determined attempts by ISIL to expand their caliphate into their territory, which they fought with great determination, suffering around 10,000 deaths. In spite of acknowledging their central role in defeating ISIL locally and the international support they have received, their project is under threat from Turkey, and not at all clear what will be the Syrian central government’s attitude once the war is over. And they were not invited to Geneva for the peace talks as Turkey opposed it.

Perhaps it is precisely their success in creating a pocket of decentralised politics, gender equality and co-operative and green economics that make those with authoritarian tendencies feel uneasy. There are around 4 million people participating in this experiment.

David Graeber, Anthropology Lecturer from the London School of Economics went to visit a few years ago and has been writing articles about it for The Guardian, the New York Times and other publications in spite of which the project remains largely ignored. With some exceptions as they count now on the support of the British cooperative movement.

Graeber’s father had gone, together with many European young people (like George Orwell) to Spain to fight against fascism as WWII was developing its roots and Graeber sees lots of parallels with the young idealists who went to fight with the Kurds against ISIL. What he saw was how a movement somehow emerging from Marxism was inspired to develop a system more akin to libertarian socialism, or anarchism, inspired on a number of sources. Marie Bookchin and feminist theory, and Abdullah Öcalan, PKK leader serving a life sentence in Turkey (he was sentenced to death but commuted as Turkey was interested in becoming an EU member), are the central ones.

“They decided that rather than demanding a state of their own, they wished to simply make borders irrelevant and dissolve away states entirely. And it’s kind of made sense to people in that part of the world. Remember the Kurds are a population who are divided between Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. The idea they are somehow carving a government out of that seems unlikely. And they also make the rather … a point you hear a lot of, actually, people will say, “Well, you know, we’ve come to realize in this part of the world, demanding your own country is basically the same as ‘I demand the right to be tortured by secret policemen speaking my own language’.” It’s not much of a demand. So they’ve come around to this idea of bottom-up direct democracy and sort of eliminating borders as the best way that they can come up with something like a Kurdistan that would make sense.” Mesopotamia Coop interview to David Graeber.

Rojava has its own University: “Young people in that region were historically excluded from higher education by the regime,” said Rana Khalaf, author of a paper on Rojava’s institutions. “If they wanted to study, they had to go to Aleppo. This meant that girls could not study, because their families would not allow them to commute between the two places.”At the end of its second year, Rojava University had 720 students and 127 faculty members, according to Massoud Mohammed, a media spokesman for the university.”  “A CO-OPERATIVE REVOLUTION IS HAPPENING IN NORTHERN SYRIA. People in Rojava are collectively building a society based on principles of direct democracy, ecology, and women’s liberation, with co-operation playing a crucial role in rebuilding their economy. In Bakur (the predominantly Kurdish region of eastern Turkey) people are setting up co-operatives within a similar democratic model, despite ongoing military repression by the state of Turkey.” Mesopotamia Coop

Carne Ross (30 September 2015). “The Kurds’ Democratic Experiment”New York Times: “For a former diplomat like me, I found it confusing: I kept looking for a hierarchy, the singular leader, or signs of a government line, when, in fact, there was none; there were just groups. There was none of that stifling obedience to the party, or the obsequious deference to the “big man”—a form of government all too evident just across the borders, in Turkey to the north, and the Kurdish regional government of Iraq to the south. The confident assertiveness of young people was striking.”

Rojava has many critics, as any functioning alternative to capitalism would have, and its future in such an unstable region is uncertain, but by reaching out for solidarity and showing themselves as a demonstration effect of what can be achieved through an evolving commitment to a society built from the bottom up they are increasing their chances of inspiring other parts of the Syrian society in the post war reconstruction effort, and other parts of the world.

Meeting Minutes domenicale

Maggio 26, 2019
Meeting Minutes del 26/5/2019: buona domenica e buon voto
Let me share
An act of love
A word of care
David Herr
“Nessuna maledizione è più grande di un’idea propagata attraverso la violenza”
Ezra Pound
* 1985 Sentenza della Corte Costituzionale italiana: “La libertà di coscienza implica il diritto di rifiutarsi di compiere il Servizio militare”, punto cardine di noi quaccheri contro tutti gli eserciti, armi e guerre.
* 6 Domenica di Pasqua (cattolici, anglicani e Protestanti)
* 1855 nasce a Padova Vittoria Aganoor Pompilj, poetessa di origini armene
“che la confusione delle lingue babilonica, a causa della quale gli uomini non poterono più comprendersi poiché ognuno parlava la propria lingua, debba avere una fine e venga superata dalla lingua divina, compresa da ogni uomo e con cui ciascuno comprenderà tutti gli altri; e che la Chiesa debba essere il luogo in cui ciò accadrà: ecco dei pensieri grandissimi e importantissimi.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer è la proposta di lettura domenicale: un’ampia raccolta di tutti gli articoli pubblicati sul web in favore del cristianesimo pratico del medico della giungla: in chiesa ci andava per raccogliere soldi per la sua Missione in Africa, non a cantare litanie o altro. Lui è la chiesa, come tutti coloro che si mettono al servizio degli altri. Altro che Ministri, sacramenti, riti, dogmi ecc ecc. La sua ispirazione è universale in quanto tutti percepiscono l’agire di Dio nel quotidiano. Non un dio dei filosofi o della teologia.

In Etiopia ci sono circa 900.000 rifugiati – la seconda popolazione rifugiata più ampia in Africa

Maggio 26, 2019

25.05.2019 – UNICEF

In Etiopia ci sono circa 900.000 rifugiati – la seconda popolazione rifugiata più ampia in Africa
(Foto di Unicef)

Questa settimana la Goodwill Ambassador dell’UNICEF Priyanka Chopra Jonas ha effettuato una missione sul campo in Etiopia con l’UNICEF per incontrare i bambini rifugiati fuggiti  dai propri paesi a causa di conflitti e crisi umanitarie.

Durante la missione, Chopra Jonas ha incontrato bambini e giovani che vivono nel campo di rifugiati di Bambasi, dove si trovano circa 17.000 rifugiati provenienti principalmente dal Sudan, e nei campi di Hitsats e Adi-Harush, dove vivono 55.000 rifugiati dall’Eritrea.

“I bambini sradicati dalle loro case a causa della guerra e delle catastrofi subiscono i maggiori disagi nella loro vita”, ha detto Chopra Jonas. “Mancano di istruzione, assistenza sanitaria e stabilità, il che li rende estremamente vulnerabili alla violenza, agli abusi o allo sfruttamento”.

L’Etiopia ospita circa 900.000 rifugiati – la seconda popolazione rifugiata più ampia in Africa. La maggior parte è stata costretta a lasciare le proprie case in Somalia, Sud Sudan, Eritrea, Sudan e Yemen. Molti erano alla ricerca di pace o di una vita migliore, hanno dovuto affrontare pericoli e discriminazioni lungo il percorso.

Presso la scuola primaria per rifugiati a Bambasi, Chopra Jonas ha incontrato Zulfa Ata Ey, di 8 anni, uno dei 6.000 studenti iscritti alla scuola. Come in molte altre scuole per rifugiati in Etiopia, a Bambasi c’è una grave carenza di classi, insegnanti e libri di testo.

Sia a Hitsats sia a Adi-Harush i campi, le scuole, i centri sanitari e altri servizi essenziali sono integrati e sono utilizzati sia da etiopi che da rifugiati eritrei. Al campo di Adi-Harush Chopra Jonas ha visitato un centro per il monitoraggio nutrizionale gestito dal governo e il vicino ospedale MayTserbi, entrambi utili sia per i rifugiati sia per i membri delle comunità ospitanti. Lì i bambini hanno accesso a cure per la malnutrizione e le madri ricevono le cure mediche necessarie.

L’UNICEF chiede ai governi di difendere i rifugiati e i richiedenti asilo adottando politiche che affrontino le cause per cui i bambini vengono sradicati dalle loro case, aiutino i bambini ad andare a scuola e a stare in salute, tengano le famiglie unite e dare ai bambini uno status legale, pongano fine alla detenzione di bambini rifugiati, combattano la xenofobia e le discriminazioni, e proteggano i bambini sradicati da sfruttamento e violenza.

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