George Fox’s Doctrinals: A Table of Contents and an Alphabetical Index

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Part 1: Introduction

The collection of 142 “doctrinal writings” that makes up volumes 4-6 of George Fox’s 8-volume Works has never, to my knowledge, had a published table of contents or alphabetical index of titles in its 314 years in print. Feeling the need for it, I took it on myself to make up one of each and offer them to the world, hoping thereby to encourage more people to read the Doctrinals and take their message to heart.

If I were asked to summarize their message in a 200-word “elevator speech,” I might say this:

Jesus Christ, the only Savior of souls and Revealer of God’s truth, indwells everyone of every faith tradition, reproving our evil thoughts and deeds and encouraging the good in us, asking each of us to accept Him as our rightful Ruler, Teacher, Shepherd, and Reconciler with God, the one almighty, supremely good, unchanging Creator…

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