the EARTH is red

Ecumenics without churchs by

the EARTH is red


by Rosalinda Maog

the EARTH is red
the earth is heart
the heart is earth
the earth is body

seems, only on earth
can growth be found
In what we awaken to at birth
breathe, breathing, will breathe
in the land I grew up into
whomever, whatever, wherever
will return, will squeeze in, will sidle
will center, will lie down
will sit, stand, fly
be quiet
be calm
will gush forth
will seep out
will stream
will stay
on the ground …
Let’s you embrace, kiss, soothe

with every pulse of the earth
hope will be as dew
a drizzling delight
mercy will be sprinkled
pouring grace will come
radiating energy
goodness will hail
emptiness swells
blazing creativity
shine will melt down
water will spring forth
earth will be filled
in awesome stillness
the whisper will heed
love will bleed

in the land I was born into.
loving without…

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