UBI4ALL: a self-funded pilot project

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06.04.2021-Evita Paraskevopoulou

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UBI4ALL: a self-funded pilot project

A European initiative invites us to crowdfund Basic Incomes of 800 euros for one year. The lucky ones will be chosen through a raffle and then will tell us their experience and the changes in their daily lives so that through these testimonies we can learn what it is like to live in the 21st century Europe with a basic income of 800 euros every month.

This initiative was launched to support the petition of theEuropean Citizens Initiative for Unconditional Basic Incomes, which already has the 11% of the necessary signatures.

What would I change in my life if I had a basic income of eight hundred euros every month for a year?. This question appears just when you open theUBI4ALL website.

Creating different images for the future that we have not experienced before…

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