The Time of No Change

Ecumenics without churchs by

04.07.2021-Elizabeth Medina

The Time of No Change
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


The family group stood in the jungle clearing. The rosy dawn was just beginning to filter through the trees. The grandfather and grandmother, their numerous grown children, the wives and husbands and grandchildren old enough to walk with their parents deep into the jungle. They were accompanied by guardian hounds. They stood before a boulder of amazing proportions, half-buried in the clearing. No large trees grew around it, and the ancients who were no longer had told the grandparents the oldest people told that one night, when the ancestors had yet to be born many many generations ago, fire roared in the sky, roared into the forest announced by deafening thunderclaps and a blaze of lightning that lit up the world. The blaze of light swallowed the night and the fire destroyed almost all of the creation sky so that…

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